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kibaswiftpaw's Journal

Name: Kiba aka Keebs
Age: 20ish
D.O.B: March 4th, 1988
Sex: Female (oh noes le gasp!)
Status: Open Relationship
Species: Two tailed German Shepherd part wolf
Sexuality: Lesbian
Piercings/tats: 3 right ear, one left ear. Paw print tat on my back.
Loves: Anything shiney, colour, DDR!, icecream and slushies (sometimes mixed together) horse riding, reading writing drawing, fursuits, chocolate, movies, snuggles/cuddles/hugs, music and raver type things
Dislikes: Mushrooms and makeup
creating things, ddr!, fursuits, icecream, learning, movies, night time, rave and glowy things, scooby-doo, snuggles ^.^ hanging out, then demolishing things