Come on Brisfurs!
17th of May, Sunday, is a time to show your support for the furry creatures in trouble and in need!

Sunday is time for the Million Paws Walk!

Here is the link for the registration page, we do have a team name under "Brisfurs!" REGISTRATION CLOSES FRIDAY 8TH OF MAY 5.00PM so be quick!
Sorry for late notice but it couldn't be help, i only really heard of this myself
https://millionpawswalk.trickytix.com.a ... --brisbane

It's at Wep Harris Oval, St Lucia Campus where Misty, Bingo (maybe) and I will be there a little early with the Brisfurs banner so you know where we will be to meet up

Make sure you bring plenty of water though! Hot day or not, walking in suit will get you dehydrated fairly quick!

So come with us and make a day of it together and help the people who help those who can't speak up for themselves when in pain or abused or even abanded cause they are no longer wanted, and get excersise and have fun while your at it!
Animals great and small, furry, scaly or feathery have helped inspire our lives and help us through thick and thin without even being asked to, so come show your support and thank them back, cause some of them can really do with your help!


If You want merchandise add, the extra onto it and give me the total and what size of the stuff is that you want so i can get it all in one hit!

Airport Funs ^.^

wow...what i night!

Day at work was quite interesting. After spending most of it jackhammering concrete diving blocks to bits, i then got to spend the rest of the day swimming around in the pool, picking up all the bits that fell in. Unfortuneatly i had no clothes spare, so i just stripped down to my shorts, grabbed some flippers and made do with that XD i was thinking logicaly, not about who was around me. As far as i could hear, there where no complaints

Later that night, we had to take Turs back to the airport for his ride home and we ended up staying there to pick up Hendi who was coming in at a slightly later flight. Wishing to fill in time we started by getting ourselves some dinner, this being the greasy, nasty hungry jacks at the airport. Being dogs, we still wolfed all this down and proceded to sit there and talk for awhile. Getting bored we started to walk up and down the airport, imitating people, making jokes bout them, being annoyingly stupid really XD.
Going up the Qantas termail, those really really long ones with like three gates at the end of them, we found one of those candy dispenses which had bouncy balls in them. This was one of those really really bad cases that fit together in the best kind of way.
We got one bouncy ball, a damn pink one >.< but it still did it's job. It was thrown down the long terminal thingy while lots of people walked up. We got one couple almost to burst out laughing with us as they walked past, and then we noticed the cops walking towards us, one still looking down after the bouncy ball XD Thinking that we were about to be walked out, we both oped for our innocent "we didn't do it" grins but thankfully they both walked past us, also grinning ear to ear, one turning to us asking. "Did you throw that...?"
Well, of course but we didn't say that XD As they walked past, we both burst out laughing again and picking up the ball, continued to throw it randomly around the airport. Didn't end up hitting anyone till the end of the night when while walking to the bag racks, we hit one guy square in the ass....how do you not notice that? o.o He didnt even flinch??!
But the lady we got right after that, almost hit the ceiling she jumped that high...and she got uber worried when she couldn't see what had hit her XD
Those cops also keep an eye on us too as we went from one end of the airport to the other but didn't do much other then that XD
They also took away those travilator things tooooooo. Lexi  and I had so much fun dancing, bouncing off them and pretending we were rowing a canoe down it and now they are gone for good....nooooo damn you airports people! *shakes fist*

Trip home was unfortunalty uneventful compared to the rest of the day but tis good to come home to relax...only to be teased from someone >.> ....dammit...
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